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Jamaica New Reggae Sensation Singer Jah

With no futher delays Avalanche Sound introduce Singer Jah to the world. Singer Jah is the new reggae singing sensation from kingston jamaica. I have been playing this singer ever since he won Magnum King of the Dance Hall and since that night there was no looking back for Singer Jah. In others words this singer bad and every DJ must have this singer on there play list. So all DJ's show your support.

About Singer Jah:

Born on August 1, 1982, in Montpelier, St. James, to parents Jennifer Taylor and Valentine Fraser, Marconie “Singer Jah” Fraser, later relocated to May Pen Clarendon at the age of 15, where he began his lifelong dream to become an entertainer. Despite attending High School, where he successfully completed 5th form and came out successful with 4 subjects at the CXC level, Singer Jah’s first passion was always music.

Growing up as the younger of two children, Singer Jah was not to be the only musical prodigy of the struggling, single mother run household. Of course, growing up alongside older brother and Reggae Icon Ginjah was not a deterrent, if anything it ignited and further fueled this passion.

Listening to his brother singing and deejaying around the house as they went about their daily chores, Singer Jah often tried to emulate his sound, and most say this sibling bonding served as his main inspiration to try and take this passion to the next level.

After being encouraged by friends and family to take his passion more seriously, Singer Jah entered the 2006 Rising Stars Contest. Despite being unsuccessful, the announcement of another Talent Contest on the scene could not come soon enough. Singer Jah never hesitated and jumped at the opportunity to audition for the 2008 Magnum King and Queen of the Dancehall Competition.

From his very first audition, and throughout the competition, Singer Jah became famous for his powerful “Waasskaa, Waasskaa” chant, which not only shook the minds of male fans, but the hearts of his growing female fan base. With his raspy voice, inviting smile, his humble demeanor, and smooth, rhythmic melodies, Singer Jah captured the audience of Jamaicans home and abroad that tuned in to view the show on 10 consecutive Saturdays. On the final night, April 19, 2008, Jamaica spoke, and Singer Jah was crowned the first “Magnum King of the Dancehall”.

Since that night, Singer Jah has not looked back. With an album recorded with producer Skatta Burrell under his belt, and several performances over the past year, including: Beenie Man’s Summer Sizzle, Stone Love 36th Anniversary Show, General Degree’s Manchester Fiesta, Biker’s Fest in Montego Bay and Crystal Spring Family Fun Day & Stage Show in Portland. In addition,

Now under the management of Pology Productions, Singer Jah has not only put out a Mixed Tape under the same name, but has also been in the streets promoting his latest singles “Right On Time” and “Suffering” which are now under heavy rotation on several Radio and Television stations.

With the Almighty by his side, and his ever faithful fans eagerly awaiting more releases, Singer Jah has no plans of turning back now. As a staunch believer in positive and uplifting music for the nation, and soft songs of adoration and affection for his “fluffy” ladies, he promises to continue delivering only the best.

Big Up Radio release first Gospel Reggae show Island Vibes with DJ Deli

Big Up Radio ( is proud to present its very first Gospel Reggae radio show Island Vibes this Sunday. Island Vibes is hosted by DJ Deli of Caribbean Gospel Surf and will air on Bigupradio's Roots station every Sunday. The two hour weekly program will include the best in Gospel Reggae and listeners can also look forward to special features and interviews. Show times for Island Vibes will be every Sunday 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm EST (World Time). ONE LOVE

About DJ Deli:

Jamaican native, Delroy Souden, aka DJ Deli started his radio show, "Island Vibes" a year ago to rave reviews. He is considered one of the best Gospel music DJs around with an audience that spands the globe. "Sland Vibes" featured some of the best Reggae Gospel music you'll ever hear anywhere along with occasional interviews with artists and those affecting their communities in a positive way.

His open approach to Reggae gospel blends the street flair with the positive lyrics that tells story. DJ Deli stays away from traditional Caribbean Gospel music as the current Caribbean Gospel forms appeals more to him. DJ Deli is based in Newark, New Jersey which is 20 minutes outside of NYC. He is also a recording artist, songwriter and entreprenuer and is the owner of the popular Gospel music websites, and the En Sound Music Awards, an independent gospel music awards show.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Prezident Brown exclusive interview on Reggae Jamdown - Monday, July 27

Reggae ambassador Prezident Brown interviews on Reggae Jamdown on Join your host DJ Dub Cowboy for this exclusive interview with roots and dancehall reggae artist Prezident Brown! Tune in to the roots station this and every Monday for the Reggae Jamdown show! ONE LOVE

About Prezident Brown:

Fitz Albert Cotterell, aka Prezident Brown was born in the green hills of Clarendon, J.A. As "Junior Ranking," a name his mother gave him, he would grab the mic and chant away at schoolyards and country dances. As a teenager, he was known as, "Slim Brown," a name given to him by Nicodemus because of his strong resemblance to and similar dee-jay style of his long time idol, U Brown. Like a father, brother, and close personal friend, U Brown is a great inspiration to Prezident Brown. The biggest and most formative influence for the Junior MC however, was producer and sound system operator, Jack Ruby, prominent in the Ocho Rios music scene at that time. Ruby saw something special in him. He took the fatherless Slim Brown under his wing, re-christened him, Prezident Brown and appointed him resident M.C. of his Hi-Power Sound System, traveling world wide.  

Find out more here.

About Reggae Jamdown

Its been said that on a Friday afternoon in Humboldt County, you do not even need a radio to hear the sounds of Reggae music. That is because a majority of the radios that are on, are tuned into the "Reggae Jamdown." For two hours, positive vibrations and a continuous mix of Roots, Dub, and Dancehall flow from the university campus to reggae lovers near and far via airwaves and internet.

Despite the geographically isolated location, Humboldt County has a relationship with Reggae music that runs as deep as the roots of the ancient Redwood trees that surround the area. The region hosts one of the most well respected Reggae music festivals outside of Jamaica, and is an essential stop for musicians touring the West Coast throughout the year. 

The "Reggae Jamdown" comes to from the fertile hills and valleys of Northern California built on a tradition of community supported radio and an authentic love for Reggae music. Look forward to starting your week with big tunes from past, present, and future mixed by DJ Dub Cowboy and special guests.

The "Reggae Jamdown" airs MONDAYS at 3am, 9am, 3pm, and 9pm EDT Roots

About DJ Dub Cowboy

DJ Dub Cowboy makes home with his wife and children in Arcata, California at the Northern end of Humboldt County. He is a recent business graduate from Humboldt State University specializing in radio and video production. In between spinning records on the radio and in the clubs he is planning a carbon-neutral DJ studio to be based in Arcata. More mixes, more love, more FIRE!!!

Massive Respect

DJ Dub Cowboy [] [


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Ritz-Rocking Tribute with Beres Hammond, Tarrus Riley, and Culture

[caption id="attachment_1381" align="aligncenter" width="313" caption="Legendary Reggae singer Beres Hammond"]Legendary Reggae singer Beres Hammond[/caption]



New York, NY (Ms. RAINE INC.) -- New Jersey's landmark Ritz Theatre is once again paying homage to the drum and bass sounds of the islands with the 2nd annual installment of Reggae at the Ritz. This year's staging welcomes Reggae legends Beres Hammond and Culture, along with acclaimed Roots Reggae singers Tarrus Riley and Duane Stephenson to fete Jamaica's 47th year of Independence.

Hosted by Icon World Entertainment and, this year's Reggae at the Ritz event will be held at the prestigious Ritz Theatre in Elizabeth, NJ on Sunday, August 2nd. Jamaica's Independence Day is August 6th.

Reggae, a combination of traditional African and Caribbean music with elements of American Rhythm & Blues and Soul, developed in Jamaica soon after its Independence in 1962. From late 1960's through the early 1970's the bass-heavy sound of Reggae gained the attention of overseas musicians through the music of early pioneers like Bunny Lee, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Toots and the Maytals, Bob Marley and the Wailers, and Jimmy Cliff. American musician Johnny Nash is credited with first putting Reggae on the American charts with his 1968 hit "Hold Me Tight." Later that same year, the Beatles brought worldwide attention to new sound with the Reggae-tinged Rock & Roll song "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da." Eric Clapton's 1974 cover of Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" propelled Reggae into the mix of mainstream pop-culture music. The next year, Bob Marley and the Wailers had their first international breakthrough with "No Woman No Cry," and their 1976 album Rastaman Vibration spent four weeks on the Top Ten charts in the U.S. The following year Culture released their seminal album Two Sevens Clash which, to this day, is hailed by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the '50 Coolest Records' ever made.

Roots Reggae icons Culture

In celebration of Jamaica's 47th anniversary, this year's Reggae at the Ritz pays tribute to Jamaica's musical legacy with two of the island's groundbreaking international Reggae icons, Beres Hammond -- whose 37 year career includes well over 20 albums including the Grammy nominated Music is Life -- and Culture. Reggae at the Ritz also features two of Jamaica's fastest rising Reggae talents, Tarrus Riley, who burst on the scene in 2006 with the critically acclaimed album Parables featuring the smash hit "She's Royal," and singer/songwriter Duane Stephenson best known for his single "August Town" as well as for co-writing the anthem "True Reflections" for Reggae artist Jah Cure.

Roots Reggae singer Tarrus Riley

The 2nd Annual Reggae at the Ritz featuring Beres Hammond, Culture, Tarrus Riley, and Duane Stephenson, will take place at the Ritz Theatre in Elizabeth, NJ on Sunday, August 2nd. Limited advanced tickets are currently on sale for $49.99 (balcony), $79.99 (rear orchestra), $99.99 (orchestra and mezzanine), and $120 (VIP front orchestra). Special sales offer: buy 4 tickets at full price, and get 1 free. For more information, log on to or To purchase tickets, log on to or call the Ritz Theatre Box Office at 908-352-1919 (note: VIP Orchestra seats can only be ordered through the Ritz Box Office).

For more information about Reggae at the Ritz call 973-573-8154 or 973-932-6599.

For media requests contact Ms. RAINE INC. at or 347-492-3977.

Good Vibez Presents Rootz Undeground In Santa Cruz

rootz underground with thrive

The revolution that is Rootz Underground began in 2000 when the band members, whose lives had crossed paths sometime or another from childhood, linked their individual musical talents in search of forming one solid unit. The Rootz Underground revolution emerged on the scene in a blaze of high-energy performances and conscious lyrics.

Individually, each had embarked on a road of truth, seeking musical and spiritual harmony, and when their paths inevitably forged to form Rootz, they got together to offer up a striking and refreshing mix of conscious lyrics, and a harmonic alternative reggae sound that marries their intellectual, spiritual and creative energies. This marriage has birthed music that is inspiring, energizing and real, progressive, unique, and with edge their reggae has a modern hip hop feel infused with slivers of jazz, rock and revolutionary dub. Collectively their union affirms an aim of bringing a JAH-inspired message to the masses. It pulses with message, from social to love revolution, from the poignant 'Rain' to the guttural and revolutionary 'How much Longer', and the witty 'In the Jungle'.

Though Rootz Underground has only just begun digging their 'rootz' in the industry, the band's old soul has already effortlessly enlisted a core of followers - some who already saw the world through like eyes and are glad to hear such sounds of social commentary and life/love lessons on stage; others, simply just converts. Whatever it may be, Rootz Underground is one of few of Jamaica's younger bands whose shows are almost always filled to capacity, whose fans will even cross the island to take in the positive vibrations.

Many more firsts smile at Rootz Underground from the horizon as their talent shines through and is increasingly recognized in the music business in Jamaica and throughout the world. And the revolution continues..

MOE'S Thursday, July 30!

Rototom SunSplash 2009 A Success


Rototom SunSplash 2009


"Un'altro Mondo È Possible" - "another world is possible" was the motto at Rototom Sunsplash 2009 and once again, festival-goers, organizers and staff proved that it is indeed. Regardless of ethnicity, colour, or creed people can live together respectfully, in harmony, peace, tolerance, love and unity.

Having participated at last year's festival, I can happily attest to the harmonious atmosphere experienced - nothing but positivity and love present in the park. Every year people come from all over Europe and beyond, to see, hear and learn more about Reggae, Jamaica and its culture, as well as its influence on the music and culture of people around the world. This is indeed a peaceful gathering.

Although unable to attend the 16th annual European Reggae Festival this year, I was able to participate virtually. Broadcast live over radio, television and live-streaming online, the festival's reggae-loving audience has expanded far beyond the borders of the Parco del Rivellino at the base of the Alps.

Naturally, as a virtual participant, the energy and vibrations that one feels amongst the throngs of people in the park were sorely missing, but some of the performances were so powerfully brilliant that the vibrations were indeed carried through the ether and felt here in Toronto. On night six, the energy of Michael Franti and Spearhead on the main stage vibrated at such a high frequency that I danced, sang, and cheered, sharing love with them and the several thousands of joyous fans who did the same under a torrential downpour. At the close of the show, I was moved to tears as I watched a most gracious, loving Franti step down off the stage to walk out amongst his drenched and devoted fans to thank them personally, embracing everyone he encountered as the rain continued unabated. This was an extraordinary and magnificent moment.

I was also fortunate enough to participate in a history making moment when Bunny Wailer, took centre stage for the first time, in Italy. The only living, original Wailer had for years declined invitations to perform in Italy because of its history of injustices in Ethiopia. Finally, he explained on stage, he changed his mind when he recognized that Italians and Ethiopians are now creating families together. He knew this was his time and Rototom the place. The audience remained enthralled as Bunny took us through the "history of reggae" including his classic Blackheart Man. Bunny Wailer, in his reconciliation with Italy, also announced that he would donate a portion of his fees to the victims of the recent earthquake in the Abruzzo region and the balance to organizations in Shashamane Ethiopia.

Other concert highlights included Junior Kelly, Steel Pulse, Alborosie, Lynton Kwesi Johnson, and Horace Andy among a whole slew of other stellar performers.

From this side of the Atlantic I was also able to enjoy Sunsplash TV between main stage acts. Sunsplash TV featured informative and entertaining interviews with performers, guests, organizers, and key personnel working to make this festival such a huge success. This year the broadcast also featured London Town, a documentary by reggae historian, radio and Sunsplash TV host, Pier Tosi. Performances and debates can still be seen from the Rototom website or on

On the down side and much to the dismay of festival-goers, Rototom president, Filippo Giunta announced, during the closing ceremonies, that as a result of police harassment tactics, next year's location and dates remain undetermined. Over the course of the ten days, police and other inspectors conducted searches of merchants' stalls, people's tents and personal belongings for "no real reason connected to emergencies or public order". Clearly, when masses of people come together in peace, love and unity, Babylon is threatened and unleashes the dogs of hell. How appropriate therefore that Anthony B closed this year's Rototom Festival with a fiery performance.

Mr. Giunta went on to advise the audience that despite resistance, the festival will endure and will continue to grow in strength and numbers even if it must be relocated to another country. For the English version of Mr. Giunta's speech visit

Despite the distance and Babylon interference, this edition of Rototom Sunsplash was an enormous success! Congratulations to all the organizers, staff and participants. I look forward to next year's festival al vivo.

Alla prossima,
(till next time)
Maria Castellucci

Sean Paul Has Video Shoot For 'Press It Up'

sean paul press up video shoot 1



When I think of VP/Atlantic recording artist Sean Paul, I think "sexy", "great entertainer", "sexy", "suave", "sexy", "great stage presence" and did I mention "sexy" - yeah I think I did a bunch of times. Well it is that sex appeal that has won the hearts of women all over the globe. And after a 4 year hiatus, Mr. sexy himself is back with a new album and hits that's sure to have the ladies dancing.

Imperial Blaze, the new album, is slated for release August 18, 2009. With the first single "So Fine" already dominating the airwaves, SP is ready to take the world by storm with his second single playfully titled "Press It Up."

[imagebrowser id=4]

In typical Sean Paul style, the DJ was at the Sputnik Lounge in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn on Thursday, July 16, 2009 to shoot the video for "Press It Up". On hand to direct the video was renowned choreographer turned director Tanisha Scott with the assistance of Tim Naylor and Nadia Sampson. Scott who has choreographed several of SP's music videos including "Gimme Di Light" and "We Be Burnin" has worked with artists such as Beenie Man, Ne-Yo, Ciara, Ludacris, Shaggy and Tami Chynn, to name a few.

I want to be careful not to give too much away, but let's just say the video is outfitted with sexy ladies in sexy outfits, brother Jason, rump and hip shaking dance moves and SP - well let's just say - SP looked sexy in every scene.

Don't believe me? Go ahead and see for yourself! Take a look at what I saw through my lens.

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